Studion Laitteita

  • Genelec 6010A x2 ja 5040A -tarkkailukaiuttimet
  • KEF C40 referenssikaiuttimet
  • Kuulokkeet: Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro 250ohm ja AKG K-121 (lisäksi: Shure ja T-bone -kuulokkeita)
  • mikrofoneja: Aston Origin, Rode NT 1000,                   Rode NT5 (2kpl),  Audio Technica AT2020 (2kpl),         AKG P120
  • iMac 27"
  • Macbook Air 13"
  • iPad Air 64Gt + Cellular
  • Logic Pro X
  • Sibelius Ultimate
  • Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 äänikortti
  • Steinberg UR22 -äänikortti (2kpl)
  • X-Touch DAW Controller
  • Millenium HA4 -kuulokevahvistimia



  • Yanagisawa tenorisaksofoni
  • Jupiter 900-series Artist baritonisaksofoni
  • Arnolds & Sons käyrä sopraanosaksofoni
  • Selmer Reference 54 alttosaksofoni
  • Buffet E11 Bb-klarinetti
  • Yamaha YFL-211 poikkihuilu
  • Jupiter 408 trumpetti - Bubble jazz-sordiino trumpettiin
  • Flyygelitorvi
  • Jiggs pBone muovinen vetopasuuna
  • Buisson venttiilipasuuna
  • puinen Moeck nokkahuilu
  • tinapilli Clarke D
  • bluesharppuja (kaikki sävellajit)
  • Hohner Chromonica


  • Line 6 Variax sähkökitara
  • Ibanez Artcore puoliakustinen kitara Bigsby -kammella
  • Teräskielinen elektroakustinen kitara Ibanez AW250
  • 12 kielinen akustinen kitara
  • Nylonkielinen kitara
  • Squier Jaguar Bass SS (short scale)


  • M-Audio 88es ja 49es
  • Roland U20


  • multiguiro, quiro, tamburiini, maracassit, Remo Fibersky Shaker, clavesit

Kitaravahvistimet ja pedaalit

  • Marshall Valvestate 100
  • Ibanez BX15R
  • Vox wah
  • MXR micro amp
  • Ibanez AD 202 Delay/chorus yms.
  • Visual Sound Route 66 overdrive/compression

Kitaravahvistin- ja pedaaliplugarit:

Logic Pro:

  • Guitar Amp Designer: 25 amp heads, 5 EQs, 10 reverbs, 25 speaker cabinets, 35 stomp boxes
  • Bass Amp Designer; models of three vintage and modern bass amps and cabinets

VST-instrumentit, efektit ja muut plugarit

East West Composer Cloud

(40.000 virtual instruments including 3 million samples, phrases, and FX)

  • Hollywood Strings Gold
  • Hollywood Brass Gold 
  • Hollywood Pop Brass
  • Hollywood Orch. Woodwinds Gold
  • Hollywood Orch. Percussion
  • Hollywood Orch. Harp
  • Hollywood Orch. Solo Cello
  • Hollywood Orch. Solo Violin
  • Symphonic Orchestra
  • Symphonic Choirs & Wordbuilder
  • Hollywood Choirs
  • Hollywood Backup Singers
  • Pianos
  • Ministry of Rock 1 & 2
  • Fab Four
  • Guitar and Bass
  • ProDrummer 1 & 2
  • Storm Drum 2 & 3 & "best of 1"
  • Steven Wilson's Ghostwriter
  • The Dark Side
  • Voices of Soul
  • Voices of the Empire
  • Voices of Opera
  • Voices of Passion
  • Silk, Ra, Gypsy
  • Goliath

East West looppikokoelmat:

  • Adrenaline, Breakzt, Drum n Bass, Electronica, Funky Ass Loops, Hypnotica, Ill Joinz, Joey Kramer Drums, Phat and Phunky, Public Enemy, Smoov Grooves, Symphonic Adventures, Percussive Adventures 1-2, Twisted Textures

East West efektit:

  • Quantum Leap Spaces 1.-2. - 24-bit, true stereo convolution reverb. Includes concert halls, churches, cathedrals, caverns, rock studios, soundstages, forests, a swimming hall, parking garages, water tanks, a tunnel, vintage plates and custom digital reverb preset impulses

Plugin alliance

  • Brainworks bx_delay 2500 (Creative delay with M/S features, Modulation, Ducking & Distortion)
  • Brainworks bx_XL V2 (M/S Mastering Limiter)
  • BX Cleansweap V2
  • BX Subfilter


  • Melodyne 5 Assistant

Synchro Arts

  • VocAlign Project


  • Soothe 2


  • Abbey Road Chambers
  • CLA Echosphere
  • Eddie Cramer: Guitar Channel, Drum Channel
  • SSL E-Channel
  • CLA Classic Compressors: CLA-76, -2A, 3A
  • Vitamin
  • GW Mix Centric
  • F6 FL Dynamic EQ
  • Waves Tune Real-Time
  • Broadcast and Production -Bundle: Doubler, eMo F2 Filter, eMo Generator, eMo G4 EQ, IR-L Convolution Reverb, Lin EQ, Lin MB, MV2, R Axx, R Bass, R Channel, R Comp, R DeEsser, R EQ, R Verb, R Vox, S1 Imager, Sibilance, V-Comp, V-EQ, X-Click, X-Cracle, X-hum, X-Noise, Z-Noise 
  • Diamond Bundle (..)


  • Saturation Knob


  • Red 2 EQ
  • Red 3 Compressor

Spitfire Audio

  • Labs: Cello Quartet, Arctic Swells, Autoharp, Bass Guitar, Charango, Choir, Drums, Dulcimer, Electric Guitars, Electric Piano, Frozen Strings, Granular Whalesong, Guitar Harmonics, Hand Bells, Lap Steel, London Atmos, Mandolin 


  • Drums: Abbey Road 60s Drummer, Butch Vig Drums, DrumLab, Studio Drummer, Battery 4, Polyplex
  • Synthesizers: Massive X, ABSynth 5, Super 8, TRK-01, Reaktor 6, FM8, Form, Monark, Rounds, Massive, Reaktor 6 Blocks, Kontour, Reaktor Prism, Spark
  • Kontakt 6
  • Pianos: The Giant, The Grandeur, The Maverick, Una Corda, Noire, The Gentleman
  • Kinetic Metal
  • Cuba, India, West Africa, Middle East
  • Session Strings 2
  • Session Horns
  • Retro Machines Mk2
  • Vintage Organs
  • Cloud Supply
  • Modular Icons
  • Lo-Fi Glow
  • Analog Dreams
  • Hybrid Keys
  • Ethereal Earth
  • Factory Selection
  • 24 Native Instruments Expansions

Session Guitarist (KONTAKT)

  • Electric Vintage 
  • Electric Sunburst Deluxe
  • Strummed Acoustic 2
  • Picked Acoustic
  • Picked Nylon

Scarbee (KONTAKT)

  • Funk Guitarist
  • MM-Bass
  • Rickenbacker Bass
  • Mark I, Clavinet/Pianet, A-200

Native Instruments efektit

  • Guitar Rig 6 Pro
  • Mod Pack (Phasis, Choral, Flair),  
  • Crush Pack (Bite, Freak, Dirt) 
  • Solid EQ, Raum, Replika, Solid Bus Comp, Solid Dynamics, Supercharger, Driver, Transient Master, The Finger

Best Service:

  • Chris Hein Solo Violin v1.2, Solo Viola, Solo Cello 2.0 & Solo Contrabass (KONTAKT)
  • Forest Kingdom 2 by Eduardo Tarilonte (ENGINE) - unique sample library inspired by Nature. It is the sound of forests and jungles and the sound of Mother Nature in one magic sample library
  • Chris Hein Horns Compact (KONTAKT)
  • Eduardo Tarilonte Accordions 1-2 (KONTAKT)

Sugar Bytes

  • Apparillo
  • Cyclop

Logic Pro VST-instruments, loops:

  • Alchemy, a powerful sample-manipulation synthesizer, over 3000 presets
  • Drum Synth
  • ES E Ensemble synthesizer
  • ES M Monophonic synthesizer
  • ES P classic polyphonic synthesizer of the 1980s
  • Studio Strings and Studio Brass
  • The ES1 analog synthesizer
  • The ES2 synthesizer
  • The 16-voice EFM1 modulation synthesizer
  • The Retro Synth is a flexible 16-voice synthesizer, four types of synthesizer engines. Analog, FM, Sync and Wavetable
  • The Vintage B3 emulates the sound and features of the Hammond B3 organ and Leslie sound cabinet
  • The Vintage Clav emulates the classic Hohner D6 Clavinet
  • The Vintage Electric Piano instrument simulates the sound of various Rhodes and Wurlitzer pianos, as well as the sound of the Hohner Electra piano
  • Vintage Mellotron
  • The EVOC 20 PolySynth combines a vocoder with a polyphonic synthesizer
  • Ultrabeat Drum Machine and Drum Kit Designer
  • The EXS24 mk II Sampler instruments
  • The Sculpture is a unique physical modeling instrument that produces tones by re-creating the sound of vibrating materials like wood, glass, nylon, or metal
  • Massive collection of electronic and urban loops

Logic Pro Effects:

  • Remix FX, Phat FX, Step FX, Ring Shifter
  • Compressor plugins (Platinum digital, Studio VCA, Studio FET, Classic VCA, Vintage VCA, Vintage FET, Vintage OPTO)
  • Space Designer, Chroma-verb, Delay Designer
  • Channel EQ, Linear Phase EQ, Vintage EQ